Creating Conditions So Entrepreneurship Can Thrive.

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First, it’s time to rethink what it means to become an Entrepreneur.

The everyday person who displays entrepreneurial characteristics currently has no way of properly validating their capabilities. They also lack a pure understanding of what it means to think, feel or act as an entrepreneur. Anything progressive in this world has stages and processes that must be adhered too in order for change to be had.

The greatest entrepreneurs amongst us create the future, chart different paths and do so because they feel they have greater purpose . They are the ones who challenge the status quo and open new doors to opportunity and prosperity. But doors don’t just open overnight, no matter how publications display the narritive of overnight success on the front of their magazines or through their published articles. Are you following?

Lets Start With A Quote:

The Premise Here Is Simple:

To be a Doctor you have to go through the lengthy process of becoming a Doctor. You can’t just wake up and say, “I’m going to be a Doctor today!”. Try it! Dare you! Walk into a hospital and say to a waiting patient, “I’m a Doctor, how can I help you?”. You know what that patient is going to say when they see you don’t have your white scrub coat, a doctor name badge, an assistant with a medical chart and an office they can be taken to. I promise you the first words of a person in their condition will not be kind. If we can agree on this premise, than everything below will soon make sense.


Lets get to the point…

In order to be an Entrepreneur you must go through the process of becoming an Entrepreneur. There are actual steps and processes that if understood and executed properly, your path to becoming an entrepreneur is well on its way. Lets get back to the importance of those highlighted words above — think, feel and act.

Our ability to think and feel is no different than that of any animal on this planet. Did you know that these three verbs are actually the core characteristics that make us human? What actually separates us from animals is our human nature or unique ability to act upon what we think and how we feel. If these verbs define our human nature than that must mean Entrepreneurs are SuperHuman. Entrepreneurs act upon what they think and feel needs to be changed or adjusted. They are willing to take the risk and go through the chaos of pursuing business ownership.

At Smartpreneur, we are changing the way we think about entrepreneurship because we feel that becoming an entrepreneur has a lot to do with how you are introduced properly to the Domains of an Entrepreneur, Stages of Entrepreneurship and the Processes of Business development. So, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are stages and processes that must be adhered to in order for change to be had.

We have taken entrepreneurship and broken it into Domains, Stages, and Processes so that we might better explain the journey to the everyday person who wants to pursue entrepreneurship. Our core belief is that todays entrepreneur needs a new guideline, a new methodology and a new roadmap on what it takes to become an Entrepreneur. Below is a look at what we are building through education, research and technology to deliever to entrepreneurs throughout the world in the near future.

What you will not see in this image is our “Secret Sauce”. By the way we love to hate the phrase “Secret Sauce” because everyone wants some but never wants to share, including us! No but seriously, we have come up with something we think is going to take time so sharing the process in which we are turning our methodology into a business is not something we will do right now. But, I will say that we are not doing anything overly spectacular we are just being innovative in our approach and are prepared to learn from our target audience on how we can make it better.

Over the next few months we will be writing more articles that are begin to our methodology. We plan to shooting videos to create interaction with our audience and build our brand through content generation. We will also be developing an early stage website to begin establishing a community on the ground in Los Angeles, CA.

We seek to develop partnerships with potential co-founders & B2B. All of our effort from this moment is to begin the process of creating what we believe will become the first ever Digital Entrepreneur Ecosystem, designed to hep entrepreneurs effectively start, grow and scale their businesses.

 We Think We are on to Something!

We Feel Like We Are More Than Capabile of Creating It!

We Must Act Now Before Someone Else As Smart As Us Catches On !

Today, we don’t know everything but what we do know is we are tired of the same old system. We desire a new system where we begin to eliminate the barriers to entrepreneurship education, access to effective market research, access to sufficient capital needs and access to a more desireable network of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts (SMEs) and B(4)B partnership. Most importantly we are capable, dedicated, highly educated and empowered to create a new and sustainable entrepreneur ecosystem.

If you are an entrepreneur and you feel we are hitting a cord with your thoughts and idea don’t be afraid to reach out. We are not here to try and tackle this journey alone. We welcome you!

Just know we are on a mission, the ship has already left the dock but we have no problem meeting at sea.
— Jaune Odombrown



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