At Start Smart Weekend Workshop, we've created an immersive environment where you will not only go through the process of ideation but also be prepared for implementation of your ideas. We invite you to our monthly event not only to learn more about how we will be providing events throughout the year but to build relationships and gather resources. We desire to lay the foundation to build new relationships and a cool network who takes entrepreneurship serious and are willing to help others.

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The hardest part about starting a company is starting smart.

Start Smart Weekend Workshop is designed to help entrepreneur refine their ideas, set practicle steps toward testing and acquiring feedback, iron out details and requirements needed to launch and finalize an execution strategy. With a mission to educate, empower and inspire greatness, we are redefining what it means to become an entrepreneur. Our Core Principles are associated to what we call the Domains of Entrepreneurship.

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Join one of our events or programs to engage with us to gain access to the resources and community you need to succeed.

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