Stimulating Economic Growth

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At Smartpreneur, we treat entrepreneurship as an industry and less like an entrepreneurial ideology.  In the 21st century, we believe economic development must include innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem development.

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With our philosophy, approach and leadership we are prepared to work with any organization committed to building entrepreneurship ecosystems in their communities with the goal of long-term sustainability.

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 All are invited to connect, converse and collaborate with our Ecosystem Development Process—creatively and boldly—to design new strategies and tools that will help spearhead entrepreneurship forward. 



Many communities have the elements of an ecosystem, but they remain nascent or disconnected. Their networks may be small or fragmented. And their cultures may lack vibrancy, trust and social cohesion.

Traditional methods of helping entrepreneurs aren't enough. We can't just give out more tax incentives, infusions of capital, or access to business incubators. There is no silver bullet that will address the entrepreneurship deficit or the barriers to entrepreneurship that many face. We must address the entire system. We need to change the way we think about helping entrepreneurs and building ecosystems that support their every need. And we need to ensure access and opportunity for everyone.

At the Smartpreneur, we have identified 7 design principles for building ecosystems. These principles are at the top of mind and baked into everything we do as ecosystem builders.  We use these elements to stay focused on effectively enhancing ecosystems we build.

  1. Put entrepreneurs front and center.
  2. Foster idea sharing.
  3. Enlist collaborators. Everyone is invited.
  4. Live the values.
  5. Give Entrepreneurs and Innovators a voice.
  6. Tell the community's authentic story.
  7. Start, be patient.
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