You’ve built a powerful startup initiative, and you’re looking for a way to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible. Like, yesterday. Your mission is to help entrepreneurs and innovators build better companies for a better tomorrow. For your project to take over, you’ll have to compel founders to use your product, investors to advocate it to their portfolio companies, and community builders to promote it with their audience. That’s a bold plan. You tried paid ads but most founders are building, not wasting time on Facebook - and even those who click aren’t converting well. Why?

Founders follow the advice of other founders.

To be credible and authoritative, your message has to come from one entrepreneur to another. And if you’re going to share your message with the world, you’re going to need a whole lot of founders. Here’s where our Smartpreneur team comes in. We are helped thousands of founders in Los Angeles and throughout California.  We have ambitious goals to continue our success across the nation in the next 5 years as well.  We have mentors, entrepreneurs, innovators and more in our network through events, content, and partnerships.

Smartpreneur reaches founders, investors, and community builders in over 58 counties throughout California, every month.

Now it’s your turn. Our team won’t just share your story. We’ll help you perfect it to connect and inspire entrepreneurs in person, online, and through special custom projects.  Tell us your goals below and let’s get started.

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